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The secret is not to pre­pare, but to over-prepare.”

Stephen M. Passen, Found­ing Partner

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Case 1

TRACK RECORD:$19 Million Verdict

Child suf­fered trau­matic brain injury in an unsu­per­vised parochial school.

Result: $19 Mil­lion Jury Verdict

Case 2

TRACK RECORD:$15 Million Trucking Settlement

Mar­ried cou­ple struck by fatigued dri­ver of tractor-trailer on Chicago highway.

Result: $15 Mil­lion Settlement


TRACK RECORD:$4 Million Medical Malpractice / Death

Doc­tors fail to diag­nose and treat a life-threatening blood con­di­tion, result­ing in mother’s death.

Result: $4 Mil­lion Settlement